SR02+ Skate-Premium

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The SR02 Skate-Flex, test winner of 2012, ensures a soft and sensitive footprint movement with its unique flexible SRB-AIR-FLEX-Frame. Through the very good vibration reducing characteristics of this roller ski, a very comfortable running and ski similar feeling is provided, especially on rough runways.

The wheel diameter of 100 millimeters guarantees absolutely smooth running. The centre of gravity has been lowered by the use of cranked swing arms to ensure tilt-proof and stable running. Through the specifically developed rubber compound, the wheels ensure a high mileage, very good absorption and optimal traction, even on a wet runway. Therefore the safety of the athlete is always guaranteed.

Rozstaw osi: 710 mm

Średnica koła: 70 mm

Szerokość koła: 45 mm

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