SR01+ Skate-Premium

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The SR01 Skate-Alu is a roller ski for training and competitions that has been developed with top athletes. It is characterised by best conduct, safest descent performance and a high similarity to skis. The wheel diameter of 100 millimeters guarantees absolutely smooth running.

The centre of gravity has been lowered by the use cranked swing arms to ensure tilt-proof and stable running. Through the special developed rubber compound, the wheels ensure a high mileage, very good absorption and optimal traction, even on a wet runway. Therefore the safety of the athlete is always guaranteed.

Platforma: SRB Aluminiumprofil

Rozstaw osi: 620 mm

Średnica koła: 100 mm

Szerokość koła: 24 mm

Maksymalna waga sportowca: 90 kg

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