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The combined-roller ski KR01 Kombi Alu has been developed for athletes, who prefer the skating technique but want to run in classical technique occasionally. Without the antenna-wheel the KR01 Kombi Aluis a fully adequate and versatile skating roller ski. By few and simple steps the antenna-set with the guide wheel is mounted and the KR01 Kombi Alu turns into a classical technique roller ski with excellent guideway and running characteristics. The wheel diameter of 100 millimetres ensures absolutely smooth running. The centre of gravity has been lowered by the use of angled side wings to allow tilt-resistant and resilient running. Because of the wide corner radius at the wheels these combined-roller skis can be easily navigated through every bend or turn. Advantages of the KR01 Kombi Alu are to be found in its usage for the skating technique. The return stop is mounted at the front wheel. The antenna set is not included in the scope of delivery. If needed it can be additionally ordered as accessory.

Rozstaw osi: 620 mm

Średnica koła: 100 mm

Szerokość koła: 35 mm

Maksymalna waga sportowca: 80 kg

Strong-Ausführung bis 110 kg

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